Catholic schools vs. public schools

February 22, 2012

Click here to read Terry Jeffrey’s column from on Catholic schools vs. public schools.  Read More →

Star Parker: Court ruling on ultrasound law worth celebrating

January 25, 2012

Click here to read Star Parker’s syndicated column on how sonograms and ultrasound technology are changing the face of the abortion industry.    Read More →

Donohue Replies to Kinsley

November 18, 2011

Bloomberg: Michael Kinsley, “Catholic Bishops Issue Hollow Plea for Sympathy” Bill’s rejoinder: Mike, The fact that most of Americans are Christian hardly vetoes the idea that anti-Christian sentiment isn’t alive and well. Most of the people in South Africa during apartheid were black. Were they not oppressed? Numbers don’t count:... [Read more...]

Penn State and Kansas City

November 17, 2011

By John Paul Wauk In the case of Penn State, the campus police and the Center County district attorney’s office knew – for many years (the first accusation was in 1998) – about specific accusations of abuse against Sandusky.  Nevertheless, they did nothing to prevent him from abusing other children. The entire janitorial staff of... [Read more...]

“Lovers from the Hereafter” KINKY MUSEUM

October 21, 2011

There is a story in today’s New York Daily News on a window display at New York’s Museum of Sex. The street-level display shows skeletons engaging in a number of erotic positions. Bill Donohue told the paper, “There is an unintended irony here. Those who practice the promiscuous sex that the Museum advocates tend to die prematurely, hence the... [Read more...]


October 18, 2011

This Friday, October 21, the inspiring true-story “The Mighty Macs” opens in movie theaters nationwide. The movie is based on the improbable run by Immaculata College—a small, Catholic women’s college—at the first of three straight Women’s National Collegiate Basketball Championships. The Catholic League is happy to agree with the following... [Read more...]


October 3, 2011

Over the weekend, Michael Moore gave a talk at Georgetown University during which he implied that Jesus was gay: “You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with? Mhm.” Bill Donohue replied to Moore’s comments: “If Michael Moore had gone to an orthodox Catholic school and said something reverential, that would be big news. But... [Read more...]


August 16, 2011

The following article by William McGurn can be found in today’s Wall Street Journal: “Religion and the Cult of Tolerance” Earlier this summer, the chief rabbi for Great Britain warned about a new intolerance being imposed in the name of tolerance. “I share a real concern that the attempt to impose the current prevailing template... [Read more...]


August 11, 2011

In a story in the sports section of the August 11 New York Times, it discusses how a public high school in Michigan has rearranged its football practice schedule to suit Muslim players during Ramadan; most of the student body is Muslim. Instead of practicing during the day, when Muslims are fasting, the workouts were shifted to late at night. For... [Read more...]


August 8, 2011

Click here to read Sister Mary Ann Walsh’s article from today’s Huffington Post on HHS’ new regulations mandating that contraception be covered by all health plans. Sister Mary Ann Walsh is the director of media relations at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Read More →

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