War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class Is Killing the American Dream

About the Book…

In this monumental book by one of the Church’s greatest contemporary defenders, Bill Donohue explains how the ruling class is systematically undermining the virtues that have built Western civilization and is producing a “moral holocaust” that the traditional family cannot withstand.

These radical elites have rejected the idea of personal sin and replaced it with social injustice. They’ve rejected traditional values and replaced them with dangerously misguided individualism that is misusing our liberties to destroy freedom as we’ve known it.

In his incomparable, no-hold barred style, Donohue offers a commonsense solution to restoring the virtues in the workplace and defending universal morality.

What They’re Saying….

“Bill Donohue has crafted a devastating diagnosis of the Left’s war on the ‘vital virtues’ underlying the achievement of the American dream: self-discipline, personal responsibility, and perseverance. Donohue persuasively contends that the ruling elites are robbing a generation of Americans of their deepest aspirations by rewarding irresponsible behavior and ridiculing the ‘bourgeois virtues’ necessary for success. Jam-packed with essential data and rigorously argued, the War on Virtue both identifies what ails us and maps the surest road to recovery.”
Thomas D. Williams, PhD

“The War On Virtue is an insightful, informed, wise analysis of the current American crisis, and its solution. It should be read by every American, and especially our moral leaders.”
David Horowitz

“Bill Donohue has long been a fearless fighter for the Catholic faith. In this lively book, he applies that same spirit to exposing the war on virtue by America’s new elite class of cultural revolutionaries. Driven by vice, this secular, progressive ruling class is hellbent on redefining America as we’ve long known it. Bill Donohue, unafraid as always, engaging as always, is courageously committed to exposing them.”
Paul Kengor, Ph.D.

“Like the American Founders, Bill Donohue knows that virtue matters most. Without it, the American dream dies. Donohue takes the gloves off in limning the ‘ruling class’ for undercutting the virtues necessary for a free and prosperous America. But he does more. This urgent book doesn’t waste a word in concisely diagnosing the moral corruption that is taking us down, and assigning responsibility for it. It offers a sweeping analysis, larded with ample evidence and compelling examples, of how every aspect of life is affected – education, family, demographics, race, sex, gender, media, manners, politics, and culture. This is an angry book because there is a lot to be angry about. But it also gives hope by recalling the moral foundations of virtue and happiness. It turns out that the way back is the way forward. Let Donohue be your guide back to Virtue.”
Robert Reilly

“The sad news about this book is that it had to be written; the good news is that Bill Donohue knew how to address the war of Virtue. Millennia of common sense, deeply reflective philosophy, and religious commitment are under attack by the elites of Western society. Bill exposes their superficial theories who in effect harm everyone, but especially the poor and vulnerable. He sheds a spotlight on their hypocritical failure to live what they commend for the poor and vulnerable, as well as their obvious goal of maintaining their own status, privilege and wealth while they attack everyone else’s. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the madness that would destroy our society. It is an antidote in its presentation of the key virtues and the multiracial and multi-cultural exemplars of success.”
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

Where you can get it…

Bill Donohue’s new book, War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class Is Killing the American Dream,
is now available at, Amazon, Sophia Institute Press and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author…

Bill Donohue was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Air  Force in 1970, and began his teaching career in 1973 working at St. Lucy’s School in Spanish Harlem. In 1977, he took a position as a college professor teaching at La Roche College in Pittsburgh. In 1980, Bill was awarded his Ph.D. in sociology from New York University. In 2022, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Ave Maria School of Law.

Bill is the author of ten books and thousands of articles. His first book, The Politics of the American Civil Liberties Union, was published in 1985. His next book, The New Freedom: Individualism and Collectivism in the Social Lives of Americans, was written while Bill was a Bradley Resident Scholar at The Heritage Foundation; it appeared in 1990. Bill’s third book, Twilight of Liberty: The Legacy of the ACLU, was published in 1994; a new afterword to this book was published in 2001. His next book, Secular Sabotage: How Liberals are Destroying Religion and Culture in America, was published in 2009. Why Catholicism Matters: How Catholic Virtues Can Reshape Society in the 21st Century was published in 2012. This was followed by The Catholic Advantage: Why Health, Happiness, and Heaven Await the Faithful; it was published in 2015. In 2016, Unmasking Mother Teresa’s Critics was published. Common Sense Catholicism: How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis, was published in 2019. The Truth About Clergy Sexual Abuse: Clarifying the Facts and Causes  was published in 2021. His latest book, War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class is Killing the American Dream was published in 2023.

In 2023, Bill starred in, and was co-executive producer of, an award-winning documentary on Disney, titled, Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom.

Bill is the president and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization. The publisher of the Catholic League journal, Catalyst, he served for two decades on the board of directors of the National Association of Scholars. He writes regular columns for and

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