A musical comedy, “Gunnin’ for Jesus,” features a gay alcoholic priest and a person imitating country singer, Tammy Faye. The woman dresses like the real Tammy Faye and is covered with mascara, green eyeshadow and the like.

It is striking that instead of pairing Tammy Faye with a Protestant evangelist like her ex-husband, Jim Baker, the play pits her with a priest. In one review of the play, it boasts that Tammy Faye sings “sacrilegious songs.” Another review delights in reporting that “Father Sullivan” is “outrageous enough to have the whole Catholic Church come down on him (if word of this Off-Off Broadway act ever reaches the powers-that-be.)”

The play was performed at the John Houseman Studio Theater in the Times Square area. It was vintage Times Square fare.

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