A New York Presbyterian pastor offered a “sincere apology” for running a radio ad that the league protested.

The ad, played on a classical radio station in New York, ridiculed Catholic behavior at Mass and made a pitch to listeners to come to his church instead.The ad began this way: “I love the Roman Catholic priest who walked to the podium and said, `The Lord be with you.’ And the people immediately responded, ‘And also with you.’ But one day that priest walked to the microphone, which wasn’t working properly. He tapped it and no sound came out. So he said, ‘There’s something wrong with this microphone.’ And the people replied, ‘And also with you!’”

While the joke wasn’t sacrilegious, what bothered the league was the next statement wherein the pastor invited people to come to his services as an alternative. Upon learning of the league’s objection, the pastor pulled the ad and said, “I’m so sorry for any misunderstanding that this may have caused you or others of the Roman Catholic faith.” He added, “Please accept my apology in the ecumenical spirit in which it is given.”

The league is pleased with this statement and considers the case closed.

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