Lawyers for Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the Miramax chiefs, have threatened to hold the Catholic League responsible for any acts of violence that may occur as a result of the league’s protest of the movie, “Dogma.” The letter, delivered today, takes note of a statement that William Donohue made on April 8: “The Catholic League has a few buttons of its own to push, and we will not hold back.” Donohue’s comment was a response to a remark made by “Dogma” star Ben Affleck, who admitted that “The movie is definitely meant to push buttons.”

The Los Angeles firm of Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp, said of Donohue’s comment: “Statements like these may be interpreted to announce or imply an intention by the League to go beyond the bounds of legitimate and peaceful dissent or protest, and to stimulate, motivate, or incite danger or violence. Please be advised that any such impermissible activity authorized, committed, or encouraged by the League that harms or threatens harm to any person will not be tolerated. We intend to hold the League fully accountable for any wrongdoing, injury, or damage it causes.”

Catholic League president William Donohue replied as follows:

“The letter by the Weinstein attorneys is wonderful. It proves who the true enemies of free speech really are. Now I don’t even have to argue this issue anymore—all I need do is present their letter. It settles everything.

“I don’t know how many years it has been since the lawyers of Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp last took a course in constitutional law. But even if they are slip and fall hacks, they should know better.

“The Catholic League protest of ‘Dogma’ will now proceed with even more vigor than ever before. Fascistic attempts to silence us will never win.”

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