The attempt by Bob and Harvey Weinstein to silence the Catholic League has now taken a new direction: the Catholic League is asking Tina Brown, formerly of the New Yorker, and soon-to-be-editor of Talk magazine, to make a public statement regarding this issue; the Weinsteins are bankrolling Talk.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented today on this issue:

“Tina Brown allegedly has a strong interest in free speech. It stands to reason, therefore, that she should be appalled by the efforts of her patrons to silence the Catholic League (attorneys for the Weinsteins have threatened to sue the Catholic League if violence occurs when the movie “Dogma” is released). Talk will premier in August, giving Miss Brown enough lead time to write a principled piece on this subject.

“All truly committed students of the First Amendment are on the side of the Catholic League. Anyone who threatens to sue those who are exercising their First Amendment right to protest a movie is despicable. When high-powered lawyers do it, it is worse than despicable—it is un-American. The Catholic League hopes that Miss Brown is on the side of freedom and looks forward to her remarks.”

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