Weight Watchers has told ABC that it cannot allow its ads to support the show, “Nothing Sacred.” A spokeswoman for Weight Watchers said that the company initially bought time on ABC to advertise its services but it was the network that made the decision to place some of its ads on the controversial show.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented on this as follows:

“We are delighted that Weight Watchers has informed ABC of its decision not to be associated with the promotion of “Nothing Sacred.” The exploitative show has now lost two sponsors of a week ago, namely, American Isuzu Motors and Weight Watchers. We hope there will be more.

“Meanwhile, two more organizations have been added to the list of groups committed to the boycott of the show’s sponsors: Christian Action Network and the National Association of Black Catholics are now on board, bringing to twenty-nine the number of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim groups involved. We hope Disney chairman Michael Eisner is watching this development unfold right before his eyes. The Catholic League certainly is.”

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