American Isuzu Motors, Inc. Has just announced that it is withdrawing sponsorship of the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred.” It is the first sponsor to do so.

William Donohue commented on this today:

“American Isuzu Motors, Inc. Acted responsibly by pulling its name from the list of sponsors for “Nothing Sacred.” Consequently, the Catholic League will ask the twenty-seven Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim organizations that have joined us in boycotting the sponsors to stop targeting Isuzu. We will also notify EWTN of the good news: last night and again today Mother Angelica discussed this issue and encouraged viewers to join the boycott. As a result, the phones at the Catholic League have not stopped all day.

“The Catholic League will continue to lead the charge against the other sponsors of “Nothing Sacred.” It is our hope that they will follow the example that has been set by Isuzu.”

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