Bill Donohue

The shooter who was killed after crashing Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston on February 11 has been identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno. She was a biological woman, but was she also a transman? It matters, because the media have been quick to cover-up such stories.

We have prepared a timeline of media reports that unfolded.

Notice the fourth entry, the one that says “Moreno had used multiple aliases, including Jeffrey Escalante….” Jeffrey?

The next entry says that according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Moreno primarily identified as “Jeffrey Escalantemoreno.” Why would a person who was not trans do that? It makes no sense. Do people called Jeffrey go around calling themselves Janice?

As a side note, we found that in mug shots taken years ago, as compared to recent ones, Moreno appears to look more feminine than she was at the time of her death.

The next entry cites the Houston NBC affiliate describing her as “transgender.” Two entries later the Houston NBC affiliate once again describes Moreno as “transgender.”

Now look at the entry in between, the one from the Daily Wire. According to arrest records, “Moreno identified as a man named ‘Jeffrey’ in recent years.” This is telling.

Back to the Houston NBC affiliate. We found that it stopped describing Moreno as transgender on February 12 in its evening report (see the last entry on p. 2). But it did mention that the Houston Police Commander said there were some “discrepancies,” including the alias Jeffrey Escalante. [We noted this in our report as well—see the third entry on p. 2.]

It matters greatly if Moreno identified as a man named Jeffrey. Unfortunately, as we have detailed, trans persons have a violent history.

Last year, we provided evidence of this on March 31, October 11 and October 12. [We will release more evidence this spring.] Moreover, on March 30 last year we called attention to the games the media were playing trying to downplay the violent streak in trans persons. Note that NBC News was the most egregious offender.

When the media were covering the clergy sexual abuse scandal, they made sure every miniscule piece of information was made public. But when it comes to trans violence, they do just the opposite.

It has been well established that trans persons have serious mental issues. They need help, not compassionate cover-ups. The sooner they are treated for their psychological disorders, the better they will be and the safer the public will be.

I have asked Houston Mayor John Whitmire to make public all records that pertain to this issue, sending a copy to Troy Finner, Chief of Police.

Contact Whitmire:

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