Bill Donohue

We did a survey of the electronic and print media coverage of the recent defilement of St. Patrick’s Cathedral by trans activists (to read our initial reaction, click here). We found that most of it was fair. To be specific, roughly equal weight was given to what the Archdiocese of New York said and what members of the family of Ceclia Gentili and his allies had to say; Gentili was a man who falsely claimed to be a woman.

However, there were some notable exceptions.

Over the past few decades, it has been evident that the New York Daily News (which is now available for $3 for one year) evinces an anti-Catholic animus. Thus it was hardly surprising to read that it lied about the Catholic Church when it reported that it “has long condemned queer and transgender people.” Wrong. The Church does not condemn any demographic group. It condemns sinful behavior. falsely argued that the Church “has isolated many queer folks from its doors.” The Church doesn’t isolate anyone. If some queers choose to do so—because the Church condemns homosexual behavior (so do most world religions)—that is their choice. So be it.

No media outlet showed its anti-Catholic streak more clearly than the Washington Post. Not only did it give short shrift to what the Archdiocese of New York had to say, most of the reporting by Maham Javaid amounted to nothing more than a PR piece for the bigots.

The principal organizer of this demonic event, Ceyenne Doroshow, congratulated the disrupters for making “bold choices.” Another organizer, Katia Perea, lied when he or she said (there is no “they” pronoun for singular individuals), “There was no incident when anyone said anything disrespectful about the church of God or Jesus.”

So we are to consider it acceptable for trans activists, many of whom dressed as hookers, to mock “Ave Maria”? Is it also acceptable to shout “St. Cecilia, Mother Of All Whores”? Or to improvise prayers and lobby for the LGBT agenda from the pulpit? Who do they think they’re kidding, aside from the Washington Post?

It was to be expected that the family of the man would rally to his cause and condemn the Catholic Church. It was also expected that the Washington Post would give much space to their vile remarks (there are too many to recite).

People who falsely claim to be of the other sex are still welcome in the Catholic Church. But those who come to profane the Church, whether they are delusional about their sexual identity or not, deserve to be shown the door and stigmatized. If that sounds harsh, let these activists try to pull the same stunt in a mosque.

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