Bill Donohue comments on attacks on the Catholic Church:

The terrorists who beheaded the elderly priest in Normandy, France did so in the name of ISIS; two nuns and two lay persons were taken hostage, one of whom is near death. The Muslim madmen who stormed the church during Mass were shot dead by police.

We also have problems at home. Hatred of the Catholic Church in America has turned ugly this month with a series of violent attacks.

  • In Providence, Rhode Island, vandals smashed a custom, hand-crafted pulpit, debased a statue, and stole property
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico is home to several incidents of vandalism, including smashing a stained-glass door, damaging the altar, and desecrating Communion hosts
  • In St. Louis, a large statue of Our Blessed Mother was smashed, and a door was spray-painted
  • Vandals have struck many times in Lebanon, Missouri, breaking statues, and decapitating others
  • Two churches were targeted in Redding, California, including an estimated $70,000 in damage to a stained-glass window
  • Human feces was smeared on statues, the crucifix, a Bible, the baptismal font, and adoration chapel in Bowling Green, Missouri

The most egregious non-violent attack on Catholics this month was the firing of a Catholic employee at Macy’s who expressed his reservations about a policy allowing men to use the women’s bathrooms; the security guard said he would abide by the policy, but was fired nonetheless.

From beheadings abroad, to desecrations of the Eucharist at home, the assaults on Catholics are gaining momentum. And now that Macy’s is engaged in religious cleansing, Catholics risk their livelihood for merely holding to beliefs that offend the Macy’s Thought Police.

Perhaps those running for president would like to address the new barbarism. Catholics would surely like to hear from them.

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