Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s diversity policy:

Macy’s has unleashed its Thought Police, firing an employee simply because he holds to beliefs that are contrary to its policies. To read about this striking act of conscience control, click here.

This is bad enough, but it is nothing if not cynical for Macy’s to preach the merits of diversity while singularly violating its own policy.

Macy’s likes to brag about its “Diversity Leadership” program, yet it doesn’t believe a word of it. For example, it says, “Macy’s believes that different perspectives are important to our company, and we benefit greatly from the individual strengths of each associate.”

This is a lie. It doesn’t value the perspective of Javier Chavez, Senior Store Detective at a Macy’s in Queens, New York: He was fired for voicing his belief, grounded in his Catholicism, that men should use the men’s bathrooms. He said he would abide by Macy’s policy allowing a man who claims to be a woman to use the women’s restroom, but that wasn’t sufficient. For merely possessing convictions that Macy’s finds objectionable, he was terminated.

We are pleased that the media are beginning to cover this story, though much more needs to be said. If Macy’s thinks that the Catholic League is going to move on, it needs a reality check. There is more to come. Trust me.

Reporters who would like to speak to Mr. Chavez’s attorney, Raymond Nardo, please contact us and we will put you in touch with him.

Contact Macy’s Sr. VP Media Relations, Robin Reibel:

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