Most people think that the days are long gone when Christians were told they need not apply for a particular job. Yet in the February 17 edition of the Village Voice, there was a public notice ad for a pair of vocalists that ended with the following sentence: “Must be dedicated, creative, not afraid to offend everyone and anyone. NO CHRISTIANS.”

After reading this, Catholic League president William Donohue called the Classified section of the newspaper requesting that the following ad be placed: “A pair of male vocalists to play with band. Must be dedicated, creative, not afraid to offend everyone and anyone. NO GAYS.”

Donohue describes what happened next:

“The woman who fielded my call paused at the mention of ‘NO GAYS’ and said she would have to check to see if this was okay. After checking, she said that it wasn’t acceptable.

“When I asked why it wasn’t, she hesitated, saying that there was a word for something like this. Being a nice guy, I volunteered, ‘bigoted’? Yes, she said. I then informed her that she must be mistaken because theVillage Voice certainly has no problem with bigotry, offering as an example the ‘NO CHRISTIANS’ ad. That was an error, I was told, and against the rules. I got nowhere when I questioned how she could be sure that it wasn’t intentional, so instead I simply asked for a copy of the rules. Lo and behold, she was unable to provide me with them.

“Disturbed again, she got off the phone to ask for more advice. I then disclosed who I was and what this was all about. Once again, she put me on hold. When she returned I told her that I was on to her game and that if I wanted to, I could sue the newspaper for this. After a nervous reply, we ended the conversation.”

The Catholic League is not interested in suing the Village Voice, but it is interested in letting everyone know just how tolerant these Kings and Queens of Tolerance really are, which is why we notified the press about this incident. As for our courageous rock performers, it is obvious that when they brag about offending everyone and anyone, they really don’t mean what they say, otherwise they’d start bashing some group other than Christians.

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