Just as we were going to press, we learned that ABC apparently has decided to cancel “Nothing Sacred.” Several phone calls to the network, and everyone else connected to the show, failed to secure a definitive answer. It seems that ABC is quietly walking away from “Nothing.”

On March 19, the Los Angeles Times said that “Nothing” had been pulled for the next few weeks. “Although the network would not say the series is officially cancelled,” the newspaper said, “sources say it is not expected to return. The show has completed its production order, and the writing staff was completely dismissed.” The Catholic League was called by reporters who also learned that the show was unofficially pulled.

TV insiders told the league that ABC probably would not be forthcoming, and they were right. Evidently, the network doesn’t want to give the Catholic League the satisfaction of knowing that it won.

When William Donohue learned from a Catholic News Service reporter that the show was cancelled, he was delighted. He also said that the league took some credit for “Nothing’s” demise; he added that there was no audience for a depressing show about a dissident priest in a dysfunctional parish.

If everything that the league has learned proves to be accurate, then it is abundantly clear that this victory belongs to the members of the Catholic League. Congratulations on a job well done.

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