Brooklyn has been plagued with a long-series of vandalizing acts carried out against Catholic churches.  Literally dozens of statues have been defaced or smashed, leaving Catholics who live in this New York borough wondering whether the police will ever be able to catch the guilty.  On May 16, they did.

The suspect, Primus St. Croix, 33, told the authorities that he had smashed the statues with a sledge-hammer as a protest against idolatry.  St. Croix said that God had told him to do this and that the Bible suggested to him that he should not worship graven images.  He is a spiritual leader of a local group of Rastafarians.

The suspect is clearly a troubled individual who needs help.  Unfortunately, those who have an agenda against the Catholic Church have unwittingly played into the hands of St. Croix.  To be specific, St. Croix said that his attack on a statue of Pope Pius X at a Knights of Columbus building was motivated by his watching a critical documentary about Pope Pius XII.  Good thing St. Croix didn’t see “Dogma” or there might not be any statues left.

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