It never fails: whenever we put an op-ed page ad in the New York Times, we get hate mail. Here’s a sample of our latest, stemming from our ad in the June 5 edition of the Times.

  • “You really hated and feared your Mother’s power, eh? that she was able to do what you can never do. You truly hate women, don’t you? You want POWER, you hateful and powerless little person: to CONTROL women’s exercise of power you cannot and will never have.”
  • “For some strange reason, which I have not been able to figure out, the Church has it in for women; they have this burning desire to control us. To tell us who we must be (mothers) and where our place is in society (submissive, second-class citizens).
  • “I must add also that I find it appalling that an organization which excludes women entirely from its governing body has any right to tell women how they should treat their bodies or be considered a country. Your ‘sexual ethics’ are a farce, it is time the Roman Catholic Church moved into the twenty-first century.”
  • “Your ad was totally offensive, as usual, as you people are offensive.”
  • “You should call yourselves the League of Catholic Nazis.”
  • “I don’t see that the Holy See has taken care of its people, but everything seems to be aimed at taking care of the princes of the Church, the bishop, the cardinals and the popes.”
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