Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote the following news release today on KOMO-TV commentator Ken Schram:

“Ken Schram, a commentator for the ABC affiliate in Seattle, was the subject of a news release we issued on Friday regarding a remark he made the day before.  On September 29, Schram said on the air that an artistic display of a nude man reaching for a nude boy ‘might as well be called the priest and the altar boy.’  Thus far, ABC has done nothing about this issue.  To make matters worse, on September 30, Schram told viewers that he wants Bill Bennett ‘kicked off the radio airwaves’ for making a hypothetical comment about blacks and abortion.

“Schram’s distortion of Bennett’s remarks led him right into the gutter.  Commenting on Bennett’s professorial point, Schram said, ‘Well, that got me to thinking hypothetically: If only Bennett’s mother had had an abortion, the world would be without one more detestable bigot.’

“The duplicity could not be more stark.  Bill Bennett has been the victim of the worst kind of smear—a calculated effort to intentionally misrepresent his point by taking his words out of context so that he can be branded a racist.  And now everyone from the Bush White House to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is beating up on him to demonstrate how much they deplore racism.  They are a disgrace.  And to top it off, Ken Schram’s libelous statement about priests is being treated with impunity.  Justice is being stood on its head.

“We are currently pursuing ABC officials in New York and Los Angeles seeking a just outcome.  Incredibly, the intolerance that so many elites have for racism is matched only by their tolerance for anti-Catholicism.”

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