Catholic League president Bill Donohue released the following comments today on what happened on Seattle’s KOMO-TV on September 29:

“Ken Schram, a commentator for the ABC affiliate in Seattle (KOMO), sarcastically complained yesterday about a piece of public art that the Seattle Art Museum wants to display.  The work in question is that of a nude man reaching for a nude boy; it is to be displayed at a public park on the Seattle waterfront.  Schram said that ‘a naked guy reaching for a naked kid has far more sordid interpretations in this day and age,” and then said: ‘The sculpture might as well as be called the priest and the altar boy.’

“It is hard to think of a more vile, sweeping indictment of the over 42,000 priests who serve the Catholic Church.  Because a tiny minority of homosexual priests have molested young males, commentators like Schram think now’s the time to libel all priests.  But if he thinks he’s heard the last of this, he’s not only a bigot—he’s a fool.”

We urge our members to contact Doreen Kaylor, Programming Director for KOMO-TV, about Schram’s remark.  Kaylor can be reached by writing to 140 Fourth Ave. North Seattle, Washington 98109; by calling 206-404-4000; by faxing 206-404-4422 or by emailing

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