“Moesha” is a comedy that features African American actors. The Halloween episode that aired October 30 was overall quite good, containing an anti-drug message. But what we didn’t like was a scene where young Moesha got dressed as a nun and jumped into a man’s arms with her legs wrapped around his waist. Pat Scully discussed our complaint with top people at UPN. They understood our point and offered to relay it to others.

On the October 31 episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” they showed a Jesus-figure doing exercises trying to get in shape. While that was in bad taste, what crossed the line and made it offensive was the decision to show him exercising while tied to a cross. We tried to get NBC to understand our objection.

Then there’s David E. Kelley, the talented TV writer and producer who has a problem with Catholicism. As soon as his new show aired, “Boston Public,” we started getting complaints. In the November 9 episode, which Kelley wrote, there was a scene where a gay football player notes he is being recruited by Boston College, “a Jesuit school.” The player fears that if BC finds out he’s gay, they won’t want him, etc.

Kelley knows this is a fiction but that doesn’t stop him. Write to him at David E. Kelley Productions, 10201 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035.

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