On October 25, Hillary Clinton had a fundraising event at New York’s Roseland Ballroom. Among those in attendance were at least seven celebrities who have a record of Catholic bashing. Consider the following:

  • Ben Affleck played in the anti-Catholic movie, “Dogma,” and admitted that “The film is definitely meant to push buttons”
  • Molly Shannon is best known for her crude portrayal of a Catholic school girl on “Saturday Night Live”
  • Nathan Lane played “a Catholic priest who cruises the altars for quickies” in a 1995 movie called “Jeffrey”
  • Dennis Leary made obscene jokes about Christ and defamed the Catholic Church in his 1997 “Lock-N-Load” show on HBO
  • Cher released an anti-Catholic song called “Sisters of Mercy” on her new CD
  • Whoopi Goldberg insulted the pope on the September 26, 1997 edition of “20/20”
  • Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax distributed the anti-Catholic film, “Priest,” and produced the Catholic-bashing movie, “Dogma”

The Catholic League’s concerns were made available to the media via this statement:

“Hillary Clinton is not responsible for the Catholic-bashing record of her fundraising friends, but she is responsible for running with them. These are not just some anonymous contributors—they are among her best friends. Is there anyone who believes that she would run in the same circles with those who mock blacks, Jews or gays? As far as Catholics are concerned, there is literally no difference between the gang of eight that stuffed her coffers last night and the John Rockers of this world. But we won’t ask her to return the cash: we’d rather just get the word out about who her real friends are.”

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