Jerry Springer, who makes his living interviewing sad-sacks, bigots and the sexually depraved and then selling the vile vignettes to viewers, featured a guest today named Jerry Pope who calls himself “the Pope.” Claiming to be the Vicar of Christ, Pope drapes himself in red vestments and a miter. He also claims to be a pimp, and trotted some of his prostitutes onstage along with him. (He boasted of having “sampled the merchandise his call girls have to offer.) When Pope’s daughter came from backstage and begged her father to change his life, he ordered one unfortunate woman to attack her.

Amidst all of this degeneracy, Springer and a guest by the name of Reverend Shnorr (who appeared to be a drunk in a wrinkled suit waving a Bible) chastised Jerry Pope for mocking the Catholic Church.

Save it, Springer. Rather than criticizing guests for impersonating the Holy Father, perhaps you could cease setting the stage for such antics. Decent people do not exploit gigolos and prostitutes (or anyone pretending to be either) to make money. But those responsible for “The Jerry Springer Show” certainly do.

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