Joe Bob Briggs’s nationally syndicated column offers a different perspective on current issues. A recent column, sent in to us by Barbara Nauer in Prairieville, Louisiana, pointedly told the media to “back-off’ on pope bashing (please ignore his irreverent style!):

“Every time the guy [read: the pope] announces some new set of Catholic theological rules – like just exactly why it’s a sin to use birth control- there’s all this criticism and debate and commentary in the press. Why? What’s the point? Listen up, people: It’s none of our business. It’s only the business of practicing Catholics. And then … it only leads to two choices – keep being a Catholic, or stop being a Catholic. But for everybody else, what’s the big deal? When you sign up to be a Catholic, you accept whatever the pope says. That’s the way it works.”

Out of the mouths…

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