New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has named Ninfa Segarra deputy mayor. She will oversee education and community affairs. Segarra, an attorney and member of the New York City Board of Education, was one of eight outstanding women honored by the Catholic League in its May-June, 1993 newsletter for their exceptional contributions to society.

Segarra was instrumental in rescuing that city’s school children from the “Rainbow Curriculum” of former School Chancellor Joseph Fernandez which presented the homosexual lifestyle to first and second grade children as a viable alternative to heterosexuality.

According to The New York Times, Giuliani praised Ms . Segarra as a “role model and a hero” who had been “able to stand up for what she believes in.” Guliani stated that Segarra’s appointment was a clear signal that “we want to make education and schools a major priority of my administration.” Segarra will remain on the board of education until her term expires on June 30 of this year.

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