Here’s a challenge to all those pro-abortion Catholics masquerading as pro-life by citing their allegiance to economic policies that may reduce the incidence of abortion: Check out the latest Rand Corporation study on teens who watch a lot of sexual content on TV and join with real pro-life Catholics in calling for a more responsible Hollywood.

We already knew that young people who are exposed to a lot of sexual content start having sex at an earlier age. Now we know that teens who watch the most sex on TV are twice as likely to be involved in a pregnancy as those who watch the least amount of sex. Dramatically, the amount of sexual content on TV has doubled since 2001. And while the study does not address abortion, it is obvious that abortion rates are higher among those who watch the most sex on TV.

In other words, it is not a spike in the minimum wage that will translate into lower abortion rates; it is things like a decrease in irresponsible TV content that will do so. However, to do this requires a willingness to stand up to the same Hollywood crowd that backs pro-abortion candidates. That’s not something that real pro-life Catholics have a problem with, but it is sure to be problematic for Catholics who feign pro-life. Do they really have it in them to challenge their ideological kin?

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