Susan Powter is mostly known for her bald head and her exercise techniques. But lately this jumping-jack queen has shown another side to her, and it is a side that has caught the attention of the Catholic League: she’s an anti-Catholic bigot.

On Powter’s radio program, which is syndicated in many parts of the country, she has increasingly bared her bigotry towards Catholics. In a show that she did in late July, she went on an extended tirade that really flaunted her true colors. She prefaced her remarks by saying that she was “raised in the Dominican Catholic Convent in Sydney, Australia, so I can say anything I want about the Catholic Church cause I got that Jesus thing wrapped around my ankles.” Here’s a sample of what she said:

  • I also got thrown out of the Vatican in Rome because I was wearing a halter top and my skirt was too short and I asked a priest about idolatry because there were all those dead embalmed priests there in glass coffins.
  • This religion that is soaked in blood, this religion that has murdered millions, millions, what do you think the Crusades were about? They skinned people alive, they’re murderers.
  • The incidences of priests molesting children, they’re common. Not uncommon, it is common.
  • Has anybody out there had sex with a priest? I have. I slept with a Catholic priest. Has anybody out there had sex with a priest that isn’t an altar boy? I mean, you know, it’s unbelievable. Do we really believe that these guys are not screwing people?
  • Do you think that the Catholic Church should be dissolved?
  • What I want to ask is, let’s say I’m a Catholic and let’s say that I want to live in the Catholic religion, why would I tolerate molestation, murder, destruction of indigenous cultures?
  • The truth of the matter is many people have had sex with priests and nuns.
  • It’s adultery in the Catholic Church to enjoy sex.
  • How do you walk into that [Catholic] church without vomiting?
  • Do you tolerate the Church raping and pillaging?
  • Why don’t we bring old pope, whatever the hell his name is, down to the court, stick him in the chair, and say excuse me pope, the boys that work for your company are screwing young children. What are you going to do about it? What do you think he’d say then? Would he just waive behind his glass box? Is he even alive? I think he’s stuffed. I don’t think the pope is really alive. I think they took him off the mantle, they took him from the taxidermist.

What’s nice about this is that we don’t have to editorialize about Powter’s comments. Her words prove that she’s in a class of her own.

Members can write to Susan Powter’s publicist, Ms. Rusty Robertson at: RPR and Associates, 2211 Corinth Avenue, Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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