The president of the Catholic League’s San Diego chapter, Carl Horst, moved in August to mobilize tens of thousands of area Catholics to lash out at the Catholic-bashing radio spot, “Lash Wednesday.” The offensive segment is part of the “Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw” program, a show that previously earned the ire of Horst when it was broadcast on ROCK 102.1-FM; it now airs on 101 KGB.

Predictably, callers “confess” all kinds of sins of the flesh. One man phoned reporting how his date wore crotchless panties and a see-through bra, explaining that he “nailed” the woman on his boss’ desk at work. A woman called “confessing” that she cheats on her sailor-husband when he’s away by sleeping with another woman. When a caller said something about a friend’s “rumpus room,” Shelly and Chainsaw replied, “The Reverend has a rumpus room and his favorite decoration is altar boys in his RUMPUS ROOM” (the emphasis is deserved).

Horst’s previous campaign against “Lash Wednesday” took place in the winter of 1996. At that time, the national office assisted him by placing an ad in the San Diego Union-Tribunecalling attention to this offense. Horst then did several interviews with the media explaining the league’s position. This time, however, Horst decided to up the ante.

In August, Horst contacted virtually every parish in San Diego requesting that priests ask their parishioners to send a printed postcard to the program manager, Todd Little. The response was fantastic: tens of thousands of postcards were sent. Members can add to the protest by sending a letter of their own to Mr. Little at 5745 Kearny Villa Road, Suite M, San Diego, California 92123.

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