On September 8, there were several attempts to spin the truth about religion in various news reports:

· “The Holocaust is nothing but a superstition,” opined another one of the Grand Ayatollahs from Iran, proving once again that education is no cure for evil.

· The Grand Narcissist, Stephen Hawking, strained to tell us in his new book that he has figured out a complicated theory—which “is not a theory in the usual sense”—that conveniently confirmed his longstanding atheism.

· It was also nice to know that in the land of Kings and Queens, critics of the papal trip to the U.K. were accusing the pope of governing an institutional church that is “too monarchial.”

· Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wrote an article wondering what the fuss was all about regarding the building of a mosque near Ground Zero, but never mentioned the word “mosque.” Instead, he said that there would be “separate prayer spaces for Muslims, Christians, Jews and men and women of other faiths.” We can’t wait to see what the Catholic “prayer space” will look like. And if someone decides to switch religions while visiting this DisneyWorld of Prayer, it will be curious to see what happens to that poor soul.

· The Hartford City Council would not dare open its sessions with a “Hail Mary” recited by a priest—that would be grounds for arrest—but they decided to show their empathy with those who want a mosque near Ground Zero by inviting local imams to offer Islamic invocations.

The spinmeisters never fail to impress, so thoroughly have they mastered the art of lying. But to use religion as their toy is all the more disturbing.

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