Every time a Christian group seeks a public expression of religion, it is challenged by atheist organizations like American Atheists and the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Yet when it came to the Hartford City Council inviting an imam to open their meeting with a prayer, American Atheists said nothing (even though we contacted them to see what they would say) and the Freedom from Religion Foundation merely asked the City Council not to allow any prayers, taking a swipe at Christians!

It would be hard to top these phonies—their real agenda is to go after Christians, not religion, per se. No wonder the Freedom from Religion Foundation never got exercised over the Ground Zero Mosque: Muslim rights are one thing, rights for Catholics are another story.

Unlike these atheist groups, the Catholic League remains principled. We are not happy about the Ground Zero Mosque, but we strongly denounced the plot to burn the Koran. We had Muslims speak at our rally, yet we oppose Islamist ideology. That’s fair.

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