Catholic bashing is nothing new to “South Park” or to “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” but the most recent attacks suggest that both shows are on a collision course with Catholic viewers.

The new season for Comedy Central’s “South Park” begins March 6.  The promo it’s been airing shows a young woman in the confessional.  With trepidation in her voice, she says to the priest:  “Forgive me, Father.  It’s been two months since our last meeting, and the visions have not yet stopped.  Eternal damnation, the Anti-Christ, and people with asses where their faces should be.  Oh, Father, are these signs of the Apocalypse?”  It continues in this vein.

On last evening’s “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocked the Immaculate Conception by saying, “God has a penis.”  When the audience reacted with nervous laughter, he said, “Oh, like He doesn’t?  How do you think we got Jesus?”  To the continuous laughter of the audience, Kirk Franklin remarked, “See, that’s why we’ve gotta move people away from religion.  I think religion is one of the worst things that ever happened to America.”  Franklin, a black musician, then attacked the Eucharist by complaining “gotta take the cracker.”  To which Maher replied, “Gotta take the cracker from a cracker.”

Here is what Catholic League president William Donohue said today:

“Whoppi Goldberg made Catholics laugh at her light-hearted antics in ‘Sister Act.’  Unlike Goldberg, ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker habitually cross the line.  They are not so much interested in poking fun as they are in lashing out.  Maher is worse.  Pathologically at war with Catholicism, he relentlessly vents his anger under the cover of humor.  ABC would be well-advised to worry less about Ted Koppel’s ‘relevance’ and more about Bill Maher’s bigotry.  Maybe then it would see both its ratings and integrity advance.”

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