Given the controversial nature of this issue’s “President’s Desk,” we thought you’d like to know where Bill Donohue got his information.

· Allred’s admission that “two individuals,” Laci and Connor, died when the pregnant Laci Peterson was killed can be found in the transcript for “Hannity and Colmes,” Fox News Channel, June 5, 2003.

· Allred’s interview with O’Reilly is from his “O’Reilly Factor” transcript, Fox News Channel, May 9, 2000.

· Reference to the Fund for Feminist Majority video can be found in the August 28, 1989 edition of “Abortion Report.”

· The Publishers Weekly statement about Lunneborg’s book can be found on’s entry on her book, Abortion: A Positive Decision.

· Alexander Sanger’s remark about abortion as a “positive good” can be found on the back cover of his book Beyond Choice; it can be accessed via

· Beverly Harrison’s comment can be found in a piece written by Robert R. Reilly, “Culture of Vice”; see

· Caitlin Moran’s quote comes from her article, “Abortion: Why It’s the Ultimate Motherly Act,” found in the April 13, 2007 edition of the U.K. site, TimesOnline.

· Reference to Maguire’s comment can be found in an article by Gail Schmoller, “For Some Clergy, Legal Abortion is a Basic Right,” Chicago Tribune, April 21, 2004, p. C1.

· Erica Jong’s remark, and her Flo Kennedy attribution, can be found in her piece, “If Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would be a Sacrament.” It is available at; it was posted January 21, 2008.

· Gaylor’s book, Abortion is a Blessing, received the endorsement of Friedan and Steinem. See the back cover.

· The statements made by Patricia Baird-Windle, Mary Hunt, Carter Hayward and Ginette Paris can be found at

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