On December 5, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, led by Kevin J. “Seamus” Hasson, ran a full-page ad in the A-Section of the New York Times entitled, “NO MOB VETO.” The Catholic League was one of several organizations that endorsed the ad.

The purpose of the ad was to denounce the incivility that followed the debate over gay marriage in California; Proposition 8, the resolution affirming marriage as an exclusively male-female institution, passed over objections from gay activists. Some of those protests got ugly.

The ad said, in part, “The violence and intimidation being directed against the LDS or ‘Mormon’ church, and other religious organizations—and even against individual believers—simply because they supported Proposition 8 is an outrage that must stop.”

The backlash against the ad was also unseemly. The attacks on Bill Donohue were strong, and some were vile. But that didn’t stop him from debating the issue on radio.

This is sad given the fact that most Americans want homosexuals to be treated fairly. What they object to is the demand to revise the criteria for marriage. Marriage, as we often say, is less about adults than children. And that’s why gays should properly be disqualified as candidates for marriage.

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