The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) was founded in 1949 to support the educational and career goals of women. It is a big organization, with chapters across the U.S., all of which sponsor a myriad of events. There was one event that took place this spring that the Catholic League objected to, the result of which was the extension of a sincere apology.

The event in question took place in Altavista, Virginia, at the local armory. Located some 30 minutes south of Lynchburg, in a Christian community, the ABWA chapter in Altavista-Gret threw a Womanless Beauty Pageant that raised money for college scholarships. Unfortunately, some people’s idea of humor meant taking liberties with Catholic sensibilities.

According to the local newspaper, News and Advocate, the audience at the event was treated to “a man dressed as a pregnant nun” who “danced provocatively on stage” to the tune of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

The Catholic League obviously let the head of the ABWA know how it felt about this brand of humor. It was heartened to learn that a sincere apology was immediately forthcoming, not only from executive director Carolyn B. Elman, but from the six woman officers who form the executive board of the Alta-Gret Chapter. We were only too happy to accept this apology.

Too bad other offenders aren’t as honest as the ABWA.

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