“The John and Ken Show” is a syndicated radio show whose hosts apparently think that cheap shots at the Catholic Church are an adequate substitute for a lack of creative humor.

Last January, listeners at KFI in Los Angeles, where the show originates, let us know that the duo had used the Pope’s visit to the United States to launch into an attack on Catholic teachings regarding papal infallibility, sex, abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and capital punishment. Several weeks ago, a listener to KSCO in Santa Cruz alerted us to remarks they had made mocking Catholic teachings on sexuality and accusing the Church of being anti-woman.

Then a KSCO listener sent us a tape of their April 27 show, in which they used discussion of a vocations day at a New Hampshire Catholic high school to ridicule Catholic priests and nuns. With Ken playing straight man, John took to the attack.

It would “be sad if my sons became priests,” he remarked, because it would “mean an absence of critical thinking.” It would also cause him to “wonder what’s up with his sexuality here,” whether “he were gay” and “just going to run into the priesthood to cover it up.

“It’s hard for me to understand,” he added, “anyone wanting to give up sex for the rest of their life.” He also wondered why anyone would want to “walk around” in the “weird costume” of a priest.

As for nuns, “The nuns I knew were narrow…there wasn’t much to talk to them about…the same preachy stuff…I found nuns boring to talk to”—but not to talk about, apparently, because derogatory talk about priests and nuns seems to be about all you’ll hear on “The John and Ken Show” these days. And we find that pretty boring.

Why not make your thoughts known by writing to Mr. David Hall, Program Director, KFI Radio, 610 South Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005. If this show is carried locally by a station in your area, let them hear from you as well.

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