Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the growing number of media outlets and pundits who are criticizing the Catholic Church for refusing to ordain women:

Every now and then the media go into a spasm about one or another Catholic teaching they object to, and their latest outrage is fixated on women’s ordination. They do not object that Orthodox Jews do not ordain women. They do not object that Islam has no role for female clergy. They only get upset when the Catholic Church doesn’t do what they demand. This not only goes to show how phony they are, it proves how they delight in taking another swipe at Catholicism.

I like Jack Cafferty at CNN, but does he really have the guts to slam Orthodox Jews or Islam over this issue? And if he does it now, why didn’t he include them in his commentary last night? Even better, why didn’t Jack nail Jews and Muslims and give Catholics a pass?

The New York Times has also editorialized on the subject, singling out Catholicism. TV stations have polled their viewers asking them what they think. And to think that these same people can say with a straight face that they really believe in diversity—it’s just too much to bear.

America is awash in religions, and the great thing about it is that we don’t force them to adopt the same strictures. Sadly, there are those who do believe in one-size-fits all, and if they had it in their power, they would do what comes natural to them—they would impose their secular will on all religions.

Finally, if the critics are right that the Catholic Church oppresses women because it does not permit women priests, then it should be dying and the mainline Protestant religions should be spiking. Yet the evidence shows that just the reverse is true. Guess liberals can’t get anything right these days.

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