Catholic League president Bill Donohue discusses last night’s episode of “Louie” on FX:

When we got word that Louis C.K. was at it again, we had to watch last night’s show. It was painful. But was it anti-Catholic? Sure. That was the point of it. After all, the purpose of the episode was to convince elementary school kids that all this talk about Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins is pure bunk. To adults, this doesn’t matter, as no TV show is going to change their beliefs. But to boys handy with their trusty DVR, they learn (from the mother of kid Louie), “the whole thing is a bunch of malarkey.”

In fairness, the script is boring. The proverbial nun in habit shows up berating the kids about the death of Jesus; the Crucifixion is trivialized; a creepy doctor shows up describing what actually happened; a traumatized kid gets freaked out and knocks down a large crucifix, etc. In other words, most of what is portrayed is without meaning, except for the end where we learn what a crock Christianity is.

As for Jesus, he is described by the doubting mother as “a really, really nice guy who lived a long time ago and told everyone to love each other.” He must have been really nice if she said it twice. And Louis C.K. must be really obsessed with Catholicism because he can’t give it up.

If this show had any value whatsoever, it showed with stunning accuracy exactly how Hollywood sees Christianity.

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