Four young persons, three women and a man, were butchered to death by Satanists in Russia. But that’s not all—they were then roasted and eaten; their private parts were cut off. The victims were stabbed 666 times—the number that symbolizes the Antichrist.

There is an outbreak of mutilations and killings in Russia by Satanists. They leave a cross upside-down to mark their work.

It has been reported that “Devil worshippers believe in putting themselves first and their core values include pride, indulgence, ambition and meeting sexual desires.”

Why is this significant? Because those who kill innocent persons in the name of Christ reject Christ’s teachings and that of the Catholic Church. Those who kill in the name of Satanism are being faithful to their creed. Indeed, what devil worshippers believe in, the Catholic Church rejects as sinful.

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