Notice that some of the responses antedated the ad; these were responses to our appeal letter


“I believe that your article in the New York Times will assist us in developing and implementing our Polish History Educational Program and may even incite Americans of Polish descent to proactively promote the truth of Catholic Poland’s great sacrifices and contributions during WWII. Thank you.” (Letter, 4/27/99)

“We commend you on your timely and much needed expression on behalf of the “other” victims of the Holocaust.” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“Since I have spent five and half years in German Concentration Camps, of which over four years in Dacau… I feel obligated… to debunk the vicious propaganda that the Church was idle when millions of Jews and others were being murdered.” (Letter, 4/13/99)

“My father won the Virtuti Militari (Poland’s medal of honor) after fighting the Germans for five years. He lost his friends, family and land. The greatest tribute we can give to those who laid down their lives for freedom is remembering.” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“Regarding you ad in today’s N.Y. Times… I say Bravo! At last the Christians are fighting back.” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“You performed a great service in reminding Americans of the other victims of the Nazi holocaust in addition to pointing out to most unaware secular Americans that German National Socialism (Nazism) has no roots in Christianity.” (Letter, 4/26/99)

“The ad was well documented, well written and I wonder how the Abe Foxmans’ of the world are reacting to it.” (Phone Call, 3/26/99)

“I was born Jewish, but my whole life I knew the whole story of what happened in WWII was not being told… I am a retired Army Officer and I want you to know as an American

I am grateful for this profoundly important publication of the truth…” (E-mail, 4/24/99)

“Dear Mr. Donohue: I congratulate you on the very good article placed as an ad in the N.Y. Times…The article is very well balanced and should be made widely known to the American public.” (E-mail, 4/28/99)

“Thank you. It is about time, especially bringing to the attention of the public the suffering of the Polish Catholics during the Holocaust.” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“Your strategy is brilliant, your courage outstanding, your impact great… but get ready, you are going to be targeted as an “extremist,” “overly sensitive,” and, I dare predict, an “anti-Semite”…” (E-mail, 4/23/99)

“Happily, the Catholic League has been doing that which other organizations… should have been doing all along. And – it shames me to say this – you, an Irishman, have done more for the Polish Catholics in this matter than anyone else in our country… I thank you and congratulate you, and promise you my prayers and ongoing support.” (Letter, 4/11/99)

“Seeing that article was like a gift – thank you.” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“[B]y not remembering or mentioning them in prayer or in sorrow for what they also experienced in those dreaded camps — one can only come away with the feeling that they don’t count for much. Those [five] million non-Jews have no significant value.” (Letter, 4/7/99)

“Many non-Jews perished in the Holocaust, and in fairness to all the victims, this fact should not be ignored.” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“Your article in this morning’s New York Times was not only illuminating and very well written, but it also set in balance some facts of history long overlooked. The attention that has been focused on the Jewish experience under the Nazis has all but obscured the sufferings of others who were also tortured and put to death.” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“Finally the truth! Congratulations on your stunning article… Many of us know this truth but revisionist ‘historians’ have sought to destroy the truth… I personally knew a Catholic priest who was arrested on the steps of his rectory in 1941 in Poland and survived 7 German prisons and 7 concentration camps! I knew other Catholic priests who went through similar experiences.” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“Attempts during the many past years to inform the US public about the fact that millions of Christian Poles as well as gypsies and Soviet soldiers were killed by the German Nazis and that indeed Poles were the first victims of the Nazi genocide, were meeting with Jewish denials and misinformation… The above article will help to correct that…” (Letter, 4/27/99)


“The reasons behind the Holocaust were really not that unique. For centuries, Jews were murdered, raped and tortured by Catholics and Lutherans all across Europe for their faith. The Germans simply created efficiencies of scale on a massive level and harnessed the antisemitism inherent within the respective populations. Poles cannot claim the status of victim since they took special enjoyment and were most enthusiastic in aiding Germans and being a vital part of the roundups and liquidation of Jews… Preach to the choir about how the Catholics are victims and ignore the fact that, in reality, your victims were the oppressors, before, during and after the war… In the end, whether in our lifetime or beyond, the answer to the age old question of “why the evil prosper and the good suffer” will be addressed by God Al-mighty… May the woes of Albania and Bosnia be extended to those who truly deserve such horrors.” (Letter, 4/26/99)

“[Y]ou fail to mention that Polish Cardinal Hlond was one of the worst anti-Semites who stirred up hatred of the Jews, and who sympathized with Hitler. Furthermore, while Pius XII hid some Jews in convents, he failed to excommunicate Hitler, Himmler & other baptized Catholics which would have reverberated among the Catholic parts of Germany & the Reich. What an irony that the Jews who gave Our Lord Jesus Christ to the world became the victims of so-called “Christians.” (Letter, 4/24/99)

“There is an unfortunate history of Jew hatred in Poland as evidenced by the vicious anti-Jewish laws of the 30’s… I am unaware of Pius XII, whom you seek to defend, forthrightly and unequivocally attacking legislation discriminating against the Jews in the 30’s…” (Letter, 4/23/99)

“[Y]our lies, half-truths, distortions and ignorance of much concerning the Holocaust and WWII are depressing. It is because of such pronouncements by your organization that most of World Jewry does – and always will – distrust organized Christianity, which has been the most significant cause of the persecution of Jews since the 5th or 6th century.” (E-mail, 4/24/99)

“[I]n vowing “Never Again” your ad ignores the ethnic slaughter in Kosovo… If you had made one clear reference to today’s atrocities, you message would appear less self-centered… in your justification of Christians and the Church you did not once mention Christ. While I have now doubt about the reach of His love, in your text I sense only self-love for your Church and ethnicity.” (E-mail, 4/23/99)

“[I]t is vicious of you to attempt to rewrite history and deny Polish Catholics’ widespread role in the mass murder of Jews.” (E-mail, 4/23/99)

“You didn’t mention “homosexuals” who were killed. Don’t they count? They too were killed by the Nazis… You are a bigot, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET!” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“Stop trying to impede on the Holocaust, Jew basher!” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“Pope Pius caused Jews to be deported to the camps as families. He made a law not to separate families so they could all die.” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“Hitler was trained to hate the Jews by the Catholic Church.” (Phone call, 4/23/99)

“[O]nly 300 priests died in concentration camps in Poland and they died of old age.” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“You should not use the word “Holocaust” when referring to people who are not Jews. The Jews made up this word to describe Jewish pain and suffering.” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“The ad was wrong to say that Norway collaborated with Nazis – only Quisling did.” (Phone Call, 4/23/99)

“While the tragedy was mainly Jewish, it also was a Christian tragedy for it showed the failure and emptiness of Christian morality and ethics…Jews as young as newborns were simply tortured and murdered in the most sadistic manner by Christians. Only two percent refused to take part in these horrors… The Catholic Church is beyond redemption, and has no moral right to speak of any ethical issue because of their indifference…Every Christian no matter how religious, are among the perpetrators.” (Letter, 4/16/99)

“[Y]ou and your associates have bought the “holocaust” story lock, stock and barrel, we are wondering why you don’t ask the ADL for a substantial contribution for the ad. After all, you are doing yeoman work for the Jews, and most certainly not for true Christianity.” (Letter, 4/12/99)

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