Dana Lee Dembrow is a member of the House of Delegates in the Maryland state legislature. She is also an anti-Catholic bigot, if her satire in the April 16 Montgomery Journal is any indication.

Dembrow crafted a piece entitled, “The Annapolis ’99 hit parade,” in which she presented mock awards to pieces of legislation that she was obviously less than enthusiastic about. She designated a proposed ban on partial-birth abortion for the “Confused Catholic Conservatism Award,” saying it was “offered by representatives who ordinarily work to restrict government intrusion into private affairs.”

Leaving aside the fact that the destruction of another human being’s life is never a “private affair,” why would Dembrow single out Catholic conservatives? Were Catholic legislators the only ones supporting the partial-birth abortion ban? Or was Dembrow simply resorting to the old pro-abortion strategy of appealing to anti-Catholic bigotry, rather than debating the issue on its merits? We raised these questions in a letter to the editor. Bigotry is bad, whatsoever the source, but it is never worse when it stems from the government.

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