Bill Donohue

When I was growing up, if anyone had made an anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-police, anti-military speech at a public forum, it would have generated tremendous controversy.

Regrettably, the response to a vile assault on America, Israel, the police, and the military—made by a crazed female Muslim bigot at the City University of New York (CUNY) on May 12—has been overwhelmingly restrained. Some have even applauded her vicious speech at the commencement ceremony.

Fatima Mousa Mohammad condemned her own school, CUNY, for training and cooperating with “the fascist NYPD, the military” and for training Israeli soldiers “to carry out that violence globally.” She also told the law school graduates that their new profession represents “a manifestation of white supremacy that continues to oppress and suppress people in this nation and around the world.” Finally, she called for a “revolution” to fight against “capitalism, racism, imperialism and Zionism around the world.”

Had Mohammad spoken this way in some Muslim-run nations about their society, she would have been killed.

I come from a family of Irish cops and other law enforcement agents. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. I have a long history of fighting anti-Semitism. As such, I have no tolerance for such an ignorant and wholly unjustified assault. This would be outrageous if said on social media. That it was said at a publicly funded university makes it obscene.

Fortunately, a statement by the top officials at CUNY was excellent. The Board of Trustees slammed the address as “hate speech.” Jeffrey Lax, a long-time member of the faculty, was also spot on.

Gov. Kathy Hochul, who appoints members of the CUNY governing board, said nothing herself, allowing a spokesman to offer a lame response. New York City Mayor Eric Adams was only slightly better.

The ADL was appropriately critical of Mohammad’s “anti-Israel propaganda.” More pointed was Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, who said, “Jewish students are not welcome at CUNY Law School. That has to change.” Lee Zeldin was spunky enough to call for an end to CUNY’s taxpayer funding.

We heard from City Councilman Ari Kagan, Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, State Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, and Congressman Ritchie Torres. They did not take kindly to the speech.

But where was Sen. Chuck Schumer? Where was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand? Where was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Where was Rep. Jerry Nadler? Nadler was likely sleepwalking, AOC no doubt agreed with the speech, and Gillibrand may as well be the “Invisible Woman.” But for Schumer not to say anything is the real disgrace.

Defending Mohammad’s rant was Sudha Setty, the dean of CUNY Law School. She is not an educator—she is a bigoted activist and should be fired. Councilwoman Shahana Hanif accused CUNY of “bullying” the speaker, commending her for being so “brave”; thus did she align herself with hate mongers. The New York affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) praised their fellow Muslim for her defense of human rights, effectively disabling its credibility; it has no moral leg to stand on.

People like Mohammad come to the United States, the only country in the world that is being invaded by migrants from around the globe—all of whom are seeking human rights and economic wellbeing—yet they denounce America, saving their real venom for those who defend it at home and abroad. In a sane society, she and her ilk would be run out of town.

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