Catholic League president Bill Donohue presents a challenge to Connecticut Rep. Beth Bye: 

 Connecticut bill H.B. 5473, sponsored by Rep. Beth Bye, would remove the statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse claims, but it does not apply to public institutions the same way it applies to private institutions. She knows this is the case, yet she continues to mislead the public with bogus e-mails that suggest otherwise. 

 Bye knows that unless the doctrine of sovereign immunity is explicitly repealed, public institutions will not be held to the same standard of culpability afforded private institutions. Her office is now saying that there is a difference between state employees and public school employees when it comes to sovereign immunity. And all we are saying is that it is time to end the duplicity and have one level playing field for everyone. 

 Accordingly, the Catholic League extends the following challenge to Rep. Bye: submit a bill that repeals sovereign immunity for all public employees. Then, and only then, will Connecticut Catholics, and Catholic institutions, know that they will not be treated in a discriminatory manner in law.


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