Catholic League president Bill Donohue wonders why the media are not focusing on Planned Parenthood:

 The media are all aglow these days with stories of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, yet not a single reporter appears to have the slightest interest in discussing recent revelations showing that the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is actively advising young persons with HIV/AIDS not to disclose their sickly status to unsuspecting sex partners. Indeed, this same group has a formal policy condemning laws that make it illegal for those with HIV/AIDS to knowingly transmit their deadly disease without full disclosure. 

 Just today, a New York man who was convicted of knowingly infecting at least 13 women with HIV/AIDS completed his prison sentence. If Planned Parenthood’s international arm had its way, Nushawn Williams would never have spent a day in prison; God only knows how many other innocent women might have been infected (we know of at least one woman who wound up with full-blown AIDS).

 It’s time for the media to go after the misogynists at Planned Parenthood who intentionally put innocent women at risk. Moreover, if Williams is considered a victim, then he ought to be hired to work in the New York office of IPPF.

 Contact the Western Hemisphere Region office of IPPF in New York:

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