The 1996 version of the original French movie, Diabolique, is vintage 1990s fare. In the original film, which was released in 1954, there was no nudity, vulgarity, gore or anti-Catholicism. The latest version has it all.

The movie features a plot by the wife and lover of a diabolical man to kill him. In the original, Simone Signoret played the role of the man’s lover; Sharon Stone has this part in the latest release. Signoret was slightly cynical of the man’s wife’s Catholicism (an ex-nun), but she does not make a single anti-Catholic remark. Stone, however, makes several comments that debase Catholicism, some of which are laden with sexual references. And in the 1996 version, we witness the wife stabbing an assailant in the eye with a cross pendant.

This just goes to show that when Hollywood addresses Catholicism in the 1990s it will go out of its way to offend Catholics. There is no other way to understand the content differences between the original and the remake of Diabolique.

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