In a skit which aired on the April 9 episode of ABC’s Dana Carvey Show, Mr. Carvey performed different roles in “Rich Little’s Story of Jesus.” Presented as a show to be presented on HBO by Mr. Little, the skit showed Carvey as various celebrities portraying Biblical figures. Nixon was the Archangel Gabriel, Johnny Carson was vulgar as John the Baptist, and the Three Wise Men were portrayed as Laurel and Hardy.

More offensive was the characterization of Mary, who was depicted as being Carol Channing, intoning to a baby in her arms, :We hello, Jesus, well hello, Jesus.” Even more outrageous was the portrayal of Groucho Marx as Jesus, smoking a cigar and then carrying his cross in a flip manner while making jokes. Other caricatures included Jack Benny as Herod and Truman Capote as Judas. Mary Magdalene was shown as Edith Bunker, saying to Archie that she was a prostitute.

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