Catholic League president William Donohue explained today what the Catholic League is doing this year to promote Christmas celebrations:

“Every December the Catholic League expends considerable resources fighting against those who seek to censor Christmas.  The issues are multiple: we have fought those who seek to ban the display of crèches on public property; those who allow menorahs to be displayed in public schools but ban nativity scenes; those who sanitize the workplace by forbidding Christmas apparel or religious symbols; and those who seek to foist upon Christians the notion that they should be satisfied with the display of a Christmas tree.  This year we are doing something different—we are actively promoting Christmas in the private sector by mailing tens of thousands of ‘Religion-Friendly Zone’ decals to merchants and corporations.

“There is no law which bars privately owned businesses from displaying religious symbols; all that is lacking is the courage to do so.  To that end, we have mailed our decals to the Directors of Human Resources of the following entities throughout the nation: major malls; fraternal organizations; chain department stores; Fortune 500 businesses; supermarket chains; chain bookstores; banks; chain drug stores; chain restaurants; and chain hotels.  Our members have received one, too.

“The plastic decal can easily be placed in any store window.  Round in shape, it says along the top, ‘Religion-Friendly Zone.’  In the center of the red and green decal are hands clasped in a prayer-like fashion.  This will allow the decal to be posted in areas that allow for all religious displays, though it is certainly our hope that Christmas ones will be prominently featured.

“Those who hate diversity and love censorship will not be happy with this project.  But too bad for them—they can do nothing to stop it.”

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