In her syndicated column on the Thanksgiving holiday, gossip maven Cindy Adams takes comedic jabs at 50 subjects, almost all of which are individuals.  But her final remark seeks not to lampoon a celebrity—it seeks to stab an institution.  Adams expresses her thanks to the Catholic Church for “bringing new meaning to the proverb, ‘Abstinence makes the heart grow fondlers.’”

William Donohue decoded her comment as follows:

“Everyone knows that almost all the cases of priestly sexual abuse have been the work of homosexuals: fully 81 percent of the victims have been male, and most of them have been postpubescent.  So when Adams goes after the Catholic Church for allowing sexual abuse, she is really going after homosexuals.  Why she finds the need to bash gays is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: the Catholic League takes great pride in outing her.”

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