Michael Gerson, former chief speech writer for President Bush, notes in today’sWashington Post that not only do secular Americans prefer the Democrats over Republicans by a margin of 3-1, they bear a strong animus against Christians.

According to Gerson, “One study found that strongly Democratic voters are 5 percent less favorably disposed toward Roman Catholics than are strongly Republican voters, 10 percent less favorable toward Protestants and 23 percent less favorable toward Christian fundamentalists.” Gerson further observes that two election scholars who looked at the data concluded that “One has to reach back to pre-New Deal America…to find a period when voting behavior was influenced by this degree of antipathy toward a religious group.”

We might add that it was Jeanne Kirkpatrick who first noticed the secular penetration of the Democratic party. It began with the presidential election of 1972 and is more evident today than ever before. This does not bode well for either the Democrats or Christians.

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