The fall lineup of TV shows promises to be the most vulgar in network history. This is no accident: as the following comments testify, many in this industry want to destroy all standards.

The August 4 edition of “Entertainment Tonight” featured comments by William Donohue that stood in stark contrast to the remarks made by those in the entertainment industry. Here is what he said:

“We’re in the post-Monica Lewinsky era. Everybody thinks that everything goes…What we’re talking about here is soft core porn which is about ready to go over the limit into hard core porn.”

Here is what the TV actors said:


Sarah Jessica Parker – Star of the HBO series “Sex and the City”:

“People have felt compelled to voice all their opinions of outrage and glee and pleasure and secret joy and if we provoke that sort of reaction, that’s fantastic.”


Michael Boatman – Actor who plays a gay character on the ABC sitcom “Spin City”:

“I don’t think that there’s actually enough pushing of the envelope, and I would love to see the networks follow the cable networks.”


Greg Germann – Actor on “Ally McBeal”:

(Regarding adult subject matter on television) “It’s where we should be headed. It’s the Millennium. C’mon, let’s get with it.”


Jay Mohr – Actor in the upcoming Fox series “Action,” which features sexual humor and profanity:

“As far as pushing the envelope, the line is gonna move every year. It’s gonna get lower every year.”

Couple these remarks with the statements quoted in the essay by William Donohue, “Dishonesty Marks the Entertainment Industry,” and there is only one conclusion that can be drawn: there is a deliberate attempt by those in the television and film industries to lower standards of morality. Their goal is to eroticize our culture and sexually engineer our children. Unfortunately, they could not get away with this without the cooperation of many Americans.

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