In August, the Catholic League released a booklet on “Dogma” that provides hard evidence of the anti-Catholic nature of the movie. It contains actual statements made by those associated with the movie, as well as remarks made by film critics, all of which unwittingly make our case: while these persons are obviously not offended by the bigotry, the fact that they admit to it is worth quoting.

Please send for a copy today and then put the booklet to work: it can be used as a basis for conversation on call-in talk radio, letters-to-the-editor, distribution to church groups, classroom discussion, etc. The movie is now scheduled to open November 12.

We will send copies for free, but it would help a great deal if everyone slipped in $1 to cover the cost of the printing and mailing. Send to the following address:

Catholic League

“Dogma” Booklet

1011 First Avenue

New York, New York 10022

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