67072471The following is an excerpt of remarks made today on KFI Radio (an ABC affiliate) in Los Angeles:

Bill Handel: “Do you think the pope masturbates?”
Gary Hoffman [co-host]: “No.”
Michelle Kube [producer]: “No, I don’t think.”
Handel: “I’m willing to bet there have been times when…”
Hoffman: “He’s tearing that little fella right now”
Handel: “I think so too.”
Kube: “Oh stop it.”
Handel: “Now, if he doesn’t masturbate, do you think the pope has wet dreams? Where that cassock of his, he wakes up in the morning and there’s the old stain there. What do you think?”
Hoffman: “Yes.”
Handel: “Ok.”
Hoffman: “Not now. Probably when he was a teenager.”
Handel: “Oh come on.”

Bill Donohue comments as follows:

We are urging all Catholics to contact this radio station about this obscene attack on the pope.

Contact the show’s executive producer Michelle Kube: michelle@kfi640.com

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