thBill Donohue comments on the feminist reaction to “Fifty Shades of Grey”:

Type “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the search engine of the National Organization for Women and up comes, “Sorry, No Results.” Type it in the search engine of the Feminist Majority and it says, “Sorry, no content matched your criteria.” Similarly, the Feminist Majority Foundation delivers, “No results.” And while there are passing references to the book in the pages of Ms. magazine, there is no review of the movie, nor is there any mention of the book or film in 2015.

So what are they talking about in these feminist quarters? Abortion. That’s the big issue. They also like to talk about LGBT issues. So given their interest in sex—the needs of mothers never crosses their mind—what accounts for their silence on “Fifty Shades”?

Nominally speaking, the physical and psychological exploitation of Ana in “Fifty Shades” by her control-freak friend, Christian, should be ripe material for feminists. But their reticence makes sense once we understand what really drives them: sex without consequences. For straights, this means abortion rights. For gays, it means a cure for HIV/AIDS. In other words, they want to indulge their sexual passions without being burdened by babies and diseases. Most of all, they do not want to be judged.

So there you have it. To condemn “Fifty Shades”—even by focusing on how it invites men to treat women as their sex slaves—is to invite judgment on matters sexual. And there is no bigger taboo in the world than that.

Sorry, gals, but today’s feminists prize a value-free world more than your well-being.

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